Experience is key

CGR Risk Facilitation

CGR is a team of passionate, highly accomplished business and technical risk process advisors with over 50 years of risk management and consultation experience. We provide our clients with advice, facilitation, and support. CGR provides robust workshop facilitation for clients.


Experience is key

Our principal consultants are experienced facilitators. We understand the pitfalls because we’ve run workshops for many different companies, in many different settings, with many different people.

CGR aims to provide clients with insights into risks, opportunities, business issues, and solutions for business improvement through effective uncertainty management. Having a strong blend of risk experience and the ability to lead a team during sensitive discussions is a rare skill. We allow knowledgeable, consensus-driven insight into the project or company key risks and areas of uncertainty, helping to create an accurate risk model.

Bow tiePeople over processes

CGR understands that risk is managed by people, not by processes or techniques. Our facilitators recognise that the most important part of a project is the project team. And no one knows the project better than the people within it! We focus on engaging rather than enforcing. Our consultants engage people to identify risks sensibly, assign ownership of risks, controls, and actions, and to agree on how best to manage uncertainties.

CGR provides clients with a complete insight into risk exposure and control effectiveness, from top to bottom. Beginning with key business objectives and their role in the risk management process, CGR applies our simple risk identification technique, including bow tie view. The workshop team are able to provide key risk inputs, focusing on the controls that matter most to the organisation.

CGR Foundation offers a living, visual overview of your business. All workshops include a scribe to capture the outcomes of workshops into CGR Foundation, our risk and business tool, which manages risks, causes, consequences, controls, and actions.

DashboardThe system can operate as-is, or can be easily aligned to your risk framework including your language, brand, corporate and project risk matrices, and related procedures.



CGR’s risk assessment methodology has been implemented on some of the biggest projects in the world, totalling well over $100 billion. The integration of CGR Foundation with major projects has seen reductions in project costs, increases in schedule acceleration, and enhanced accuracy in “look-ahead” prediction and forecasting. We can also provide metrics to compare your business baseline with your improved results.