Murphy Australia Oil

A Global Independent with a local need.

Murphy Oil Corporation is an independent exploration and production company with a strong portfolio of global offshore and onshore assets. As part of its Australian based operations, it needed a robust, intuitive and effective risk management system for its exploration activities and government approvals.

“Risk Management is fundamental to what we do. We were struggling with spreadsheets and word tables to track risks, controls, outcomes, performance standards, actions, etc. We knew we needed something better. CGR has reached into my head and pulled out all the ideal things I’d want in a risk management system. It makes everyone’s lives a lot easier.”

(Simon Zoller, Murphy Australia Oil)

Rapid, responsive and relevant.

Within one week of choosing CGR, Murphy Oil Australia had a fully installed and customised risk management system. Murphy Oil’s existing risk data had been incorporated and the CGR system was fully operational by the end of the week.