Accessible risk management for a leading integrated zinc, lead, copper, gold, and silver producer.

Kazzinc is a mining company with eight mines, three concentrators, a gold recovery plant, two zinc smelters, a copper smelter, a lead smelter, and a precious metals refinery.

Kazzinc produces 18 elemental metals (including zinc, copper, and lead) and 23 finished products.

Kazzinc also operates a Hydro-Electric Power station; a parts and machinery entity; a transportation division with 1,000 rail tank cars; and KazzincTech, the company’s R&D division focused on the development and design of customised process technology solutions.

Kazzinc uses CGR Foundation to assist in managing its operational risks and incidents. Kazzinc has deployed a version of CGR’s software available in 10 languages including Cyrillic.