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Generate all kinds of reports

Generating report

If data is collected, a report can be generated. CGR Foundation provides a wide variety of fully flexible reports that can be customisable in any way. Interactive graphs, various file types, different user levels and easy to use interface makes CGR Foundation a complete risk management solution.

Modules & Features


The Risks Module allows for creating, editing and tracking information related to a risk.


It facilitates a group of experts to discuss, identify and evaluate risks related to a project.

Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are used to address multiple risks via a set of common actions.


Potential dangers identified during the process of risk identification and mitigation.


Action Tracking provides a way to effectively monitor and track the progress of an action.


A mechanism to capture learnings/lessons learnt from previous experiences & activities.


Create audits and other checklists to evaluate planned & implemented systems.


Identify, record and track Incidents involving people, processes or projects.

Flexible. Yet, solid.

Modules are customisable and individual modules can be enabled or disabled to suit. CGR provides a unique approach to achieving your goals with tailored solutions to fit all budgets and structures.