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CGR Foundation is a cloud-based risk management platform available 24/7 with enterprise-grade security and performance, backed by the largest and most reliable cloud provider in the world. CGR Foundation can be accessed in the office, on the move and on site. The key modules are: Risk Register, Action Tracking and Treatment Plans, Auditing, Lessons Learnt Register, Incident Register and Reports. Learn more

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Risk Management is fundamental to what we do. We were struggling with spreadsheets and word tables to track risks, controls, outcomes, performance standards, actions, etc. We knew we needed something better. CGR has reached into my head and pulled out all the ideal things I'd want in a risk management system. It makes everyone's lives a lot easier.

— Drilling Manager from a global oil exploration/production company

I've found tangible and measurable advantages in using CGR Foundation as part of our risk management process. One of these measurable benefits is that our business has saved $2-3 million per year in insurance premiums directly due to showing the insurers answers to their risk questions.

— Risk Manager from an Australian utility company

CGR Foundation has been instrumental in reducing fatalities by up to 75% on sites where it is used.

— Executive from a large multinational corporation

We've been using CGR Foundation across all projects for several years. On one major project, the platform has been a key driver in increasing our productivity by 15-20%.

— Risk Manager from a large multinational corporation

It's so easy to use that I don't need to think in order to accomplish what I need to do.

— CEO of a resource company